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Nkechi Taifa is the author of a best-seller memoir, Black Power Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice (2020), as well as three best-seller books for young people: Shining Legacy: Storypoems for the Young, So Black Heroes and Heroines Forever Will Be Sung (1983, 2021); The Adventures of Kojo and Ama (1992, 2021); and Three Tales for Wisdom (1983, 2021). She also co-authored Reparations Yes, with Attorney Chokwe Lumumba and Dr. Imari Obadele (1987). Her newest book, already a best seller, Reparations on Fire: How and Why It’s Spreading Across America, was published in December 2022.  


Note: During the summer of 2021, Taifa’s 1983 children’s book Shining Legacy (which at that time included her book Three Tales of Wisdom), along with the 1987 Reparations Yes book, were all banned by the Central York Pennsylvania School District, despite the fact that they had been out of print for decades. As a result, she re-published the children’s books for a new generation to learn from, love and enjoy. She decided to include as the appendix to her newest publication, Reparations on Fire, the verbatim text from her previously banned 1987 Reparations Yes co-authored book.

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Reparations on Fire describes history-in-the-making. It combines a historical survey and commentary on the Reparations Movement in America while addressing how pioneering reparations legislation is being born and debated in city council chambers and statehouses nationwide. It is part historical analysis, part revolutionary manifesto, and part political red-alert.

Reparations on Fire brings additional value to the Reparations Movement as it goes about the necessary task of concretizing its goals and objectives and envisioning a future where Black freedom and
joy can flourish. It describes how reparations went from being discussed in the radical margins of the Civil Rights Movement to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

It outlines how unsung Black Power activists such as Queen Mother Moore and Imari Obadele set the foundations for reparations to be championed by U.S. Rep John Conyers and, later, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee in the Congress of the United States -- a fight that, as this book comes out, is still being waged as reparations activists ask President Biden to sign an executive order immediately bringing a federal reparations commission to study and develop reparations proposals into existence.

The quest for reparations is equal parts edgy, exciting, transformational, confrontational, messy and confusing. Reparations on Fire proves that we are now beyond rhetoric and well into action mode. Fire illuminates, purifies and brings warmth, but can also cause pain, damage and destruction. It can symbolize the eternal flame of hope, or signify ruin and demise. The spirit of reparations is sweeping the country like fire. Whether it heals or consumes depends on how America responds to its long overdue debt, and possibly portends the future of democracy, both domestic and global.



My story is both solemn and salacious. It is part memoir, part textbook, part study guide, part expose! Black Power Black Lawyer teaches, preaches, rhapsodizes and  tantalizes. It stitches suspense, calamity, humor and wit into a tapestry of history, politics, law, culture and romance.

Whether serious or scandalous, my audacious quest for justice is a gripping commentary on life; the perennial nature of human resistance against oppression; and my earnest embrace of what is fair and correct. Although sometimes raw, sometimes abrasive, sometimes passionate, I offer you my truth, unapologetically, and unfiltered, with honesty and authenticity.

I want my quest for justice as a Black Power advocate and a Black Movement Lawyer to awaken, inform, provoke, move and, at its best, fire you up to either join, or continue, “The Struggle.”

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Reparations on Fire:

How and Why it's Spreading Across America

The Taifa Trilogy of Tales for a New Generation


Nkechi Taifa is the published author of several books for youth: Shining Legacy, The Adventures of Kojo and Ama, and Three Tales of Wisdom.

These books are treasured classics, written nearly 40 years ago, and still very relevant today. 


Master Storyteller Nkechi Taifa resurrects and re-publishes her popular books for young people from over three decades ago as she brings her timeless wisdom for new generations to enjoy.

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(Ages: 8 yrs old and up)

Nkechi Taifa's classic, award-winning book Shining Legacy, was first published in 1983.               

Nkechi Taifa's extraordinary and original storytelling celebrates history, heroes and heroines of the past through dramatic epic, ballad, legend and saga, all accentuated with moving and rhythmic rhyme. Role models range from Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer and Sojourner Truth, to Malcolm X, Denmark Vesey, Toussaint L'Ouverture, and Marcus Garvey. Shining Legacy is perfect for the young and elder alike, in both family and classroom settings.


(Ages: 5 yrs old - 12 yrs old)

Journey with Kojo and Ama through seven adventures combining excitement, fun and suspense with lessons in pride and heritage. The children’s heroic black cat Sheba brings them good luck as they find themselves in settings ranging from an inner city park to the deep South, and from the island of Jamaica to ancient Egypt.
The Adventures of Kojo and Ama was first published in 1992.

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Short stories to fill your child's mind with great life lessons!



  • Ayanna

  • A Marcus Garvey Story

  • Jabari’s Incredible Journey

Three Tales Back Cover.png
Three Tales of Wisdom cover final.jpg

(Ages: 8 yrs old and up)

  • Anansi’s magic helps Ayanna get to the Harvest Festival, despite the fact that her two sisters fail to follow the Seven Principles of the value system... 

  • A young brother growing up in New York City learns the story of the mighty Marcus Garvey...

  • Jabari finds wisdom through his encounters with spiders, lions, warriors, elephants, cockroaches, camels and birds...

  • Extra Treat! ANCIENT PROVERBS!​ 
    A potpourri of African Proverbs provide food for wise thought and action...


Endorsements of children’s books have been retained from the

original 1983 publication date

 Black and White Down Arrow


"From the principled defense of political prisoners to demands for reparations, we witness the critical and often exciting trajectory of a lawyer whose work clearly moves us toward radical futures."



Nkechi Taifa is a brilliant lawyer and an extraordinary champion for justice, reparations and human rights.”



"Nkechi Taifa correctly perceives a great need for role models for Afro-American youth.  Her book, Shining Legacy, commendably attempts to fulfill that need.  In well-researched poems and tales, in clear and idiomatic language, she has celebrated role models ranging from Toussaint L'Ouverture to Paul Robeson, from Harriet Tubman to Fannie Lou Hamer. Aimed at a young audience, it still could benefit older readers."

STERLING BROWN,         (1983)

Poet Laureate &

Professor Emeritus,

Howard University


New Creativity from a new author. Sounding an alarm for Unity, Love, Power!  Read and be renewed. Welcome Nkechi to the circle of poets.

SONIA SANCHEZ,         (1983)

Author & Activist


"Sister Nkechi has rendered us an excellent service by producing this valuable book for our children.  During my many years of publishing, I've come across few books that speak to the needed roots of our people.  These storypoems and tales are a necessity for those young people who are seriously trying to locate an anchor for their tomorrows."

HAKI MADHUBUTI,         (1983)

Author &

Publisher -

Third World Press

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